Cheapest cool box?

Found 29th Jun
On a DIY mission to make a cool box air conditioner which may not work, so looking for the cheapest box I can pick up today 😃 Cheers
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A Polystyrene box would be the way to go, easy to cut and cheap. What you are making will work in the sense the air will be cooler on the outlet than inlet but there isn’t going to be enough melting ice to really make a difference to the air temp but it might get you to sleep.

If nothing else it’ll be a fun build so good luck, Ive attached a link to show you what I mean but there might be places much cheaper.

Do you know anyone who has frozen food delivered by courier? If so you could probably get one for free because it comes in Polystyrene boxes like the ones on Dannyrobbo's link.
I think he's after a coolbox from which he can remove the cooling system and install it to cool something else.

Is there anywhere locally that sells electrical components?. I've never torn down a cheap coolbox, but I'm guessing it's just a TEC cooler, heatsink and fan.
Cheers for the replies I popped to Wilko picked up a £14 cool box, £4 desk fan (damaged box) , cut 2 holes in the top stuck fan in 1 and angled drainpipe in the other, filled with ice, personal air con for the kid last night in bed 😁
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