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Cheapest courier to send an Xbox One?

Posted 14th Dec 2013
I need to sell my Xbox One on eBay but, the maximum postage you can stick on in that catorgory is £24.75 or something like that, yet every where I look, it's more expensive than that to send. I'm wondering if there's somewhere I'm missing.

I don't know the exact weight of the parcel but, I know the Xbox One on it's own is near 5KG, so pacakged with Kinect it'll be over 5KG so I'm selecting 10KG for the weight (maybe that's my mistake, maybe some companies are cheaper for say 6KG). It looks decently priced, until you add in compensation for £500, then it adds another £20 to the price :-(.

I tried Parcel Monkey but, they only give you the base price for £50 compensation and I haven't been through every company changing the compensation but, the ones I have tried, shove another £20 or more onto the price.

Had tried Gumtree with no success but, my partners decided this morning she'd prefer if no one came to the house to collect it as it's possibly too risky and I do agree.
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