Cheapest deal for a Playstation Move controller on its own or even better, 2 of them?

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Found 18th Nov 2010
Hi guys!

Really wanna get the PlayStation Move controller and the sports game for myself for my birthday. My mates will be coming over too so would be nice to have 2 as well, but depends on how cheap I can find one on its own or if there's a deal around for two.

I already have the camera, so I'm trying to find the best price on the controller, does anyone have any ideas on the best place I can get one online or instore somewhere? Looking to buy this weekend.

Also, any feedback from anyone who has already used one is appreciated too.

Thanks all, looking forward to your replies!


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They are a bit hard to get hold of at the mo' so no real good deals, best to get one from Currys or PCworld if you have one of the £5 off codes (PDF format from the 15milliongiveaway offer), so bring it down from £29.99 to £24.99.

Most other places online are out of stock! Must be Sony limiting stocks or building up stocks for Xmas?!
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I was just about to post what was written above. I picked up 2 yesterday for £49.98 at currys banbury.

Thats my own christmas presents sorted.......
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