Cheapest deal for Oculus Rift S

Posted 2nd Apr
Hello all,

been looking for a good deal for a Oculus Rift S these past few days and struggling. Does anyone know of any deals going for one of these for just in general the best place to buy one?

Thank you
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Hello, my brother bought a ps4 to get through the world wide lockdown. I assume a lot of people are thinking the same. Some entertainment goods will be in short supply, currently rift s is over priced on eBay. There is almost no stock anywhere (at full retail price). check argos if they have stock near you
Haven’t even looked for a deal full price would do, but can’t find the oculus quest in stock anywhere..
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only place with rift stock yesterday was the oculus shop, argos out of action at the minute, they have suspended trading on ebay anyway...
would love a quest, kicking myself for not grabbing one of the currys/ebay ones..
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I picked one up on the amazon warehouse deals, usually have good quality, due 5/5.
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