Cheapest deal on board game Speak Out? And are fake versions actually OK?

Hi all

I want to buy Speak Out for us all this Christmas. Seems to be £20 everywhere at the moment and in stock everywhere. However, I was wondering if there's anywhere selling for much cheaper, even if its with a voucher or something?

I've also noticed lots of fake versions on eBay, they look the same but i can see some photos are missing the Hasbro logo on the front, or the logo is overwritten. They seem to go for just over £8 including delivery, with some delivered in just a few days. Has anyone bought one of these versions on eBay and are they actually alright? The content of the original game seem very basic anyway, so looks easy to replicate. Anyone compared a genuine to a fake?


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3 for 2 at smyths. Not sure about the ebay items but if in doubt i would say buy from a reputable retailer.

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My daughter just bought " say it dont spray it" from Home Bargains and it was great fun

They have it for sale on Wish, it's £3 including delivery, delivery usually takes around two working week's. might be worth a punt

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Thanks all, so sounds like the alternative version are actually fine?


Thanks all, so sounds like the alternative version are actually fine?

​And why wouldn't they? The original is just a bit of plastic and cardboard. Or might not even be cardboard.
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