Cheapest Deals For iMac 21.5"

Found 20th Feb 2011

Does anybody know the best deals for an iMac 21.5". Im a student and qualify for a discount, but im not sure how much.

Also any idea if theres a new iMac coming out soon. I dont want to spend £1000 to find its been replaced a couple months later.

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Last iMac came out July 27, 2010 so probably be updated around that date. I bought mine befor Xmas and i love it - only bought the base model but it is plenty big enough and fast enough.

As you are a student you are entitled to an Education discount with Apple and you get Applecare for £50!

Also conside Apple Refurb store where you might get a better deal on an imac or a higher spec machine for less. They are all inspected and like new with 12 months warranty.

Good luck, you will love the mac.
Apple Refgurb store:


no student discount on here though.
Good price on a 27 incher!
I saw the base model 21.5'' for £860 on the apple refurb store. But I was unsure about refurbished products. I guess I'l look into it.

Any idea when they'll release news about the new imac's?
Unfortunately buying any apple product has the risk that the new one is released the next day! I can't see the value in them personally, but I can see why people prefer them to pc's.

Anyway, ive heard apple refurbs are very good so don't worry about them breaking down, I think they come with a year's warranty.

If you want one... wait for the new one, but be warned, they hold their value terribly.
I believe (please correct me if i am wrong) that the student discount is only avaliable through apple shops. If i were you i woudl go through the apple shop and get their icare (or whatever they are calling it). I personally do not like macs at all but people who have them love them and they said the best thinkg they have done is to get the care package. RE the discount, last person i know received a 14% discount back in Dec 2009 for a macbook. However, i went in to buy some accessories for a friend and they only gave me 9% the cheeky buggers. lol. hope this helps.
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