Cheapest decent blank DVD -R

    Been absolutely ages since I bought any blank media.

    Wheres the best place to get blank DVD-R these days. Ones that are decentish quality but not that expensive?


    I always use SVP. They have a good range and great value for money. Delivery is also very quick, with a range of delivery options and regular promotions for 99p delivery! Products also get reviewed and rated so you can see what others think of the products, Hope that helps. and a search for 'verbatim'. 50 + 100 packs are ok priced for their gear.

    have used datawrite titanium (printable) £7 per 50

    verbatim are expensive.
    i always get maxell dvd-r 100 pack for £12.99
    cheapest you can find, but honestly i rarely get a coaster in the pack unless its due to my own fault in a setting in the burning. !…tml

    id check out your local small computer shops - not any big chains - all the ones near me sell dvdr's really cheap i got "mirror" dvdr's for about £3, prob no the best brand but a dvd is a dvd

    Thankyou, didn't know Play did blanks.
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