Cheapest Device for XCloud (Game Pass streaming)

Posted 14th Sep 2020
Being a disgruntled iPhone 11 owner who cannot even do Xbox Game Pass streaming I’ve been looking for a cheap android device to connect to my Xbox One controller to just have dedicated to just that.

I did think I had sussed it as I did buy the Alcatel 1S 2020 phone for £59.99 from Argos which looked to tick all the boxes (4G, WiFi, 3gb ram, decent size screen) so I bought it this morning, tried it and I then realised it didn’t have 5Ghz WiFi on the device. While the screen looked pretty good size-wise and my Xbox pad synced up fine the cloud gaming did work it was really stuttery and not very playable via 2.4ghz WiFi (and i was sat not even 4 foot from my Virgin WiFi box)

So now I’m stumped. I figured maybe others might be in the same boat and I’ll ask the question. Has anyone got ideas for a decent cheap android phone that could be used as an option for purely Xbox streaming. Suggestions would be great.

Not fussed about tablets as I want it to be smaller and more portable. (And I have a Surface 3 that I’m hoping will suffice for that)

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