cheapest domain & hosting site

    my boss wants me to find the cheapest domain & hosting site as the company we are with are stinging us to the tune of £99.00 per domain per year. and we have a few.
    we need a company to host the domains we already have ( i think we'd have to register the domains with the hosting company)
    we have .com .biz. .info .org .net
    any help would be greatfully recieved.
    many thanks in advance.:-D
    mods sorry if this is in the wrong area...

    also if anyone has any idea's on free advertising that would be great. i've run out of idea's


    Hello there, heard of Dreamhost? You could easily host all of the domains on the one account as you get 100000s of megs of space and bandwidth etc, the plan I am on is I believe about $120 per year (about £60) but I have a promo code that can get you a massive discount on the first year. It's a referral URL so against this forums rules for me to post it, but if you are interested let me know and I will send you it


    these charge 1.99 i think per year for a domain, minimum reg 2 years..

    with 1and1 i think you get a free domain with hosting.


    Are the domains you have linking to the same site? e.g. = = ?

    If this is the case, ditch all but one hosting account and point each domain's DNS to that one. £8.25 per month is pretty decent for a business package, depending on allowances.


    Checkout netfirms..they had a great offer - one year hosting + 2 domain names for $10

    more details here…rms

    nope 4paws:P its year


    Do more with your domain * All inclusive with superb features * … Do more with your domain * All inclusive with superb features * Lowest price .uk domain - £1.99/year * NEW .eu domains only £4.99/year!

    and a quick check on 123reg shows £2.59 a year


    nope 4paws:P its yearand a quick check on 123reg shows £2.59 a year

    Aye my bad, that's some deal. :thumbsup:


    hi starletif you could pm me the code that would be great

    PM sent, good luck whoever you decide to go with

    I use Sniff Host


    It was the cheapest I could find for my needs but there may be cheaper out there


    nope none of the domians we have are linked together( boss thought they … nope none of the domians we have are linked together( boss thought they were)

    Sorry, probably could have asked that better... is it the same website but under different domain names?

    e.g. going to gives you the same site as

    If it's different sites, OK.

    Check Textdrive (now part of Joyent)…ng/

    Seems initially expensive but you get full shell access, Ruby, online collaboration and backup. 99.9% uptime and ZFS on OpenSolaris.

    if you are a UK company then don't get hosting in USA, the delay is bad sometimes and peple might end up closing the web page.

    123 Reg are very good and helpful, my hosting is with I-websolution

    Not the cheapest but certainly good

    Personally I would never use 1and1, they messed me around so much with bills.
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