Cheapest Domain Names??

Found 16th Feb 2005
Hi. Who's got the cheapest DOMAIN ONLY services? I'm looking for a .com or .co.uk (which ever is cheapest) and it needs to be top-level.

Don't care what services, as long as it forwards to a pre-built site! E-mail forwarding sounds nice, but not really needed.

Even if you have a voucher code for a site which could JUST knock it down below another site would be great! So far the cheapest I've see is 123-reg.co.uk/123-Reg.co.uk , but I'm also looking at telivo.com/dom…tmlTelivo.com , cheapdomains.uk.com/CheapDomainNames.uk.com and lcn.biz/ LowCostNames .

Thanks for your help,

P.S. I'm not looking for buying someone's domain off them. The domain that I want has NEVER been registerd, so not telling anyone what it is. :wink:
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It wouldn't be duckmagicuk2.co.uk then?

Not tried that one yet. You won't guess it from anything in this forum. You'd have to know me in person. Anyway, I'm duckmagicuk2 on everything, so I may get it for my eBay listings one day. Never know. (If anyone buys that in the hopes I'll buy it off them then they're gonna get laughed at. Wonder what they'd want with it, with a number "2" as well.)

Anyway, back to business. Anyone??

By the way - it's a non-profit site. Just said that for anyone thinking "why can't he afford a fiver?" I could do with it a bit cheaper. Actually, it's a free forum, and so there's enough ads as it is without getting .tk popups!



Enjoying talking in the forums. I really like this site. Will a mod buy me a domain name now? (Fat chance) :wink:
LOL Well if you get really really stuck I'm sure I could sort a sub-domain for you but I think you're better off with a top level domain of your own. Really at £2.49 a year with a reputable company like 123-reg you can't go wrong. I'm sure even a non-profit with only a couple faithful members could do a sponsorship drive for £2.49

You can also use a dynamic dns service to get a free domain name with no pop-ups etc. Here's a very reputable service that has been going for years and is probably the #1 option: dyndns.org/
I was actually only joking when I said about the mods buying me a domain name. :lol:

I was just wondering if there were any suprisingly noticable offers or discounts or vouchers that I may be missing. :?:

duckmagicuk2 :wink:
Found what I was looking for! 1and1.co.uk do .co.uk domains for just £1.99 per year!

I know it's only 60p cheaper, but they claim to be cheapest in the UK (no one else can beat it, i'll assure you that). Also, they provide e-mail forwarding, support and other services. All inclusive.

If you see any which are cheaper, then le me know.

>>For Now See My Other Post for More Info<<

Yep, I use 1and1 and they are damn good as well as cheap. basic package includes webmail, virus checking, umpteen addresses.
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