cheapest driving lessons nw london?

    cheapest manual driving lessons in nw london


    better to find an instructor you like and teaches well, you will save money in the long run.. lots of strings attached to the offers I see for things like 10 lessons for £99 etc. you have two lessons for test and can only do them off peak etc..


    There are several in my area that do 20 lessons and the theory for £99, but you definitely get what you pay for.

    The theory lessons they pretty much give you the answers to memorise and just tell you to practice the hazard perception test.

    I went (awhile ago now) with the AA. It's roughly £25 a lesson, but book a single lesson/two hour lesson via their website, as they usual have a deal on.

    If you like the instructor tell him/her you want more lessons and they'll do it off the books at a cheaper rate.

    20 lessons at a fiver each? how are they not homeless, carless and destitute at that price??

    I agree you should find an instructor who you get on with. go for personal recommendations. This is not like a can of coke or a wife, going for the cheapest may be a false economy.

    An instructor's mate once told me that every time one of those pre-paid students called, he'd fob them off for a pay as you go customer because he knew he already had the money!

    It's probably just the child in me, but for anyone looking to learn how to drive, I always recommend a crash course.
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