Cheapest DVD±RW Laptop?


    What would be the cheapest DVD±RW laptop?

    The cheapest one I have been able to find is Acer Aspire 3003LM for £399.99 at eBuyer…=UK

    Any comments on this one, and is there anything even cheaper?



    Weren't Dixon's doing the Acer? and you could get it with a discount voucher too. i bought one about 2 months back, cost £374.99 IIRC.

    Sorry, its an Advent and not an Acer. Price is £399.99 with free delivery.…367
    There is a code that might still work for 5% off on the deals section.
    I bought one on behalf of a relative, although i never turned it on, it looked ok.

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    Thanks guys - the Dell laptop looks nice, it's got widescreen and wi-fi. How does Dell's Inspiron 1300 compare to Acer's Sempron 3000+?


    I personally wouldn't touch Dell with bargepole. Unfortunately I have to use their stuff

    Anyway, Staples is selling IBM R50e (now Lenovo) with similar spec (DVD rewriter can use DL disks as well, so it is better) for same 399.99. Or you can get NEC (exactly the same spec) for exactly the same money. And you get full warranty, not just 90 days.

    And you get full warranty, not just 90 days.

    I might be wrong, but the isn't the 90 days collect and return just for collecting and returning cover? Outside of that time, it should still have a 12 month guarantee, but the customer would have to foot the bill for both way delivery costs?

    Well... if that's the case, then there is not much difference apart from DVD rewriter spec.

    yeah i'm also aware that electrical goods by default come with a 12m warranty.
    but yet to test this theory...

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    So, which one would you guys get if you had a budget of £400?

    I would go for Acer or if I had no time to wait for delivery then for IBM. But that's me (I think everyone on this forum knows that I hate Dell, so my opinion is biased)

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    Hi Kommunist, thanks for the recommendation. What problems with Dell have you had?


    My mom has a dell laptop, it is a 1000 and although it is only 9 months old, I regulary have to remove the battery for a few minutes as static builds up....... It simply doesnot start when this happens.

    Also, make sure you know exactly when it will be delivered, as if you miss them, you to will be sent on a 30 mile roundtrip to the couriers depot, just to be told as no one from Dell has bothered to contact them (after 3 weeks, 9 pages of emails and about 10 phone calls) they have sent it back to Dell. As the icing on the cake, have some guy in India cancel your order (breach of contract)& refuse to answer e-mail, so you to can end up 2 months later with no computer and waiting for Ireland to answer your complaint.....
    Not that I am against Dell, but even currys is a lot better with customer service and delivery :x ........

    Just bought one from Woolies £399.99.…399

    Just follow the link above, from the website £449.99 but got mine instore for £399.99.

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    Hi moshchops,

    Thanks for the tip - what's your first impression?


    Hi Kommunist, thanks for the recommendation. What problems with Dell have … Hi Kommunist, thanks for the recommendation. What problems with Dell have you had?Thanks!Alex

    Well... I had several Dell laptops and my biggest problem with it - not rugged enough. I had to replace motherboards, memory, screen, modem, keyboard and even casing. In fact, the only things that I never replaced were CPUs and batteries :).
    My current Dell is Precision M70 (Pentium M 2.0, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, DVD-RW, etc) died on a second day after I got it. It turned out to be RAM failure. Unfortunately for me, it happened during very important meeting and I had to present solution to customer's problem.
    So, maybe for gentle home use Dells are OK but not for "road warrior" type of application. Then, what's a point of buying a laptop that never sees road?

    Another problem with Dell was price of repair. When the screen's alloy hinge gone, they issued 600 quid bill. I don't think it is fair.

    But again, my opinion is biased against Dell. Other people could be luckier than me, so they'll have completely different attitude towards it. I can not guarantee that this particular laptop is bad and IBM is good. It could be other way round, you know

    Its tricky really to say which is better. I know people who've had positive purchases from Dell and very satisfied, whereas an example here, of a sh^% experience.
    At the end of the day, somebody somewhere will have an issue with a company or product, especially when they are the size of dell, and they let Indians read a pointless script about rebooting in safe mode before you can get an engineer. (my own personal issues there!).

    I can tell you a crap story about IBM and the support i've received etc but the proof will be in the pudding... when you get your item and it works or it don't!
    Good luck!!!

    Hi all, first post from me and been a lurker for a while but thought i would chip in here.
    The medion offered in wollys is spot on and i heartilly reccomend anyone looking for a good notebook to get one bought now. they are £399.99 and a bargain too.
    I am a network admin and have around 450 - 470 laptops and am a fan of the HP stuff on the whole. as mentioned these are often good tough notebooks that last well and are reliable. i have had many of dells offerings and while cheap there is a motto - "buy cheap buy twice" which is certainly the sace for dell. the budget notebooks are just that and really can be more trouble then they are worth. the customer service is really quite stunningly shocking. I personally would avoid dell like the plague really because of the customer service or lack of.
    Hope this is of help to someone.

    I would also like to take this op to say what a great forum this is and will be taking an active part more often. it has found me a cracking notebook so i can retire my old E500 and pass it on.

    Cheers all and happy new year to you all

    I've used the Woolies lappy for a couple of days now and I cannot fault it (yet). It has everything I have been looking for in a notebook, you never know it is on it is so quite. Wireless networking is so quick and the range is fantastic with the Linksys wireless router on offer from PC World. Well recommended, go and buy one now. :thumbsup:

    The Apple notebooks are much more reliable. I've had mine for 6 months, no problems, superb speed, battery life and totally silent!

    1.67GHz / 120GB / 2GB / DVD RW

    But it did cost £1600!

    I think you should go for the one in Woolies.....

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    Thank you all - just ordered the Woolworths laptop through Quidco - so I should get 5% cashback. Also, the product has been discounted on the website as well, so it's £399.99 now. Plus, you can get a free laptop bag. And I paid using my EggCard, so 1% cashback there.

    Once again, thank you all for your help and comments, it is much appreciated. I will let you know what I think of the computer once it has arrived.
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