Cheapest earphones please. Sennheiser?

    Just joined a gym and need some earphones.
    Are these Sennheiser ones any good?
    Anybody got them?
    Are there any cheaper good ones out there?

    Rep for ya help, cheers


    I saw them in TK Maxx for £7 last week. They also had a lot of Skull Candy going cheap

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    Cheers for that Rep'd
    Unfortunately none near me

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    Anybody else?

    Go for these…b=0# really cheap now, I got them at £30 and think there are still £30 in places like currys etc so a massive bargain for these, great sound quality as well.

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    Cool, thanks. Rep'd
    So they're pretty good quality and you'd def recommend them?…tml There you go £30 and that what I paid 2 years ago, really good bass.
    I also have the Sennheiser DJ headphones HK2 really clear but are £150 all sound come through.

    my gym headphones the cx400 (similar to cx300 but with an extension cable i find necessary) broke after about a year and a half, before that they were pretty good (i always seem to manage to break the connector eventually)
    Now using cx500 which have even better sound quality.

    I like these style of headphones due to the fact with the right earpiece they never fall out, and they have some noise reduction.

    Both available on play (cx300 is about £7, cx400 is like 50p more, and cx500 are about £20 on play)

    [One of my friends also uses sony MDR-EX76 and tells me they're really good]
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