Cheapest external hard drive

    Hi there, looking to get an external hard drive. They had a good deal on play a few weeks ago ... £39.99 delivered for a 80gig? Doesn't seem to be there any more though :-(

    Looking for 80gig+, and ideally around that price or under £50 :-)

    Thanks everyone, rep will of course be added for all the lovely helpers :-)



    2.5 or 3.5 inch?

    For £50 you'll get about a 400gb drive if you want a 3.5 inch drive

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    dont care on size, 3.5 inch is fine :-) Ideally i'd like to spend £40 max though!

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    Thanks for the link LFC - it looks like:…-21

    could be a contender!

    Get a 250GB 3.5" HDD for £43.50 @ Amazon
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