Cheapest flights to Orlando

    What are the cheapest direct flights I can get between the 27th of July to the 5th of September for about 10-14 days in Orlando? For finding cheap flights, I will give rep, thanks guys!!



    July - anything from £450 upwards - but Septeber, as soon as children go back to school you will get a bargain, at the moment charterflights (the comopany that use Thompson)y are showing roughly £350 in September - but if you wait until 2nd week in Augusst you will get a real bargain - and even if they dont come down they will definately be cheaper than the July ones so you cant lose, sign up with charterflights (I have) and they send me a daily list of flights to Orlando from my local airport - then when you see a cheap one go on the thompsonfly site and see if they are cheaper, sometimes they are but charterflights INCLUDE baggage, thompsonfly add it on

    Try [url][/url] as I found a cheap flight to Orlando there. (£330 for 14th July 2weeks from Gatwick) Also keep an eye on [url][/url] as I have seen some stonking deals in the last week £228 return to Orlando for 2 weeks from Gatwick on 4th July and again 2 weeks Gatwick to Orlando on 9th July £194.00 return all prices inc taxes, baggage & meals. However, these deals only came up a day or two b4 departure date ( I know this, as I have been looking every day for the last 2 months and these were easily the cheapest I have seen this summer!) The short notice may not a big problem if there are only 2 of you, but it can be an issue if you have a family to organise and need to book a car, accommodation, insurance etc.
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