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Found 6th Dec 2014
cheapest that I know of is probably mackerel and tuna, now and then I will get salmon fillets but its just too expensive to eat all the time...fresh mackerel fillets are about a £1 and a tin of tuna is around that to
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Try Farmfoods.
smoked/plain haddock is usually in the cheap section at my local Tesco. As is River cobbler, Tuna and Salmon - may be worth looking in the cheap section of your local supermarket and freezing it for future.
You can buy a whole sea bream I tesco for £3, it is a lovely white fish and not too many bones. You can grill it or put it in bacofoil that has been greased with butter, seasoned then wrap and seal it.... Bake in a hot oven 200c for about 15-20 mins, server with boiled potatoes rolled in olive oil and chopped tomatoes with sliced onion in olive oil. Squeeze half a lemon on it when serving......
Supermarkets do frozen white fish fillets , often pollock , I find these fine to cook and eat, on tv recently frozen fish was recommended for freshness and nutritional content.
Other good value white fish is coley off fish counter , looks less white than cod fresh but when cooked difficult to tell apart in flavour and texture. Often half price or less than cod.
Look at fish counters for cheap prices. or if u can go to your local market and go to fish mongers. I buy lots of fish but it's for my fussy puppy who won't eat dog food. I buy basa and this is about a 79p a portion. also cod and haddock are usually cheap as well. look in the pre packed fresh section in supermarket but also check out the reductions as they usually have good prices on salmon in there and then freeze till needed x
If you have a Lidl near you, their Salmon fillets are £2.99 for two. I stock up the freezer when I go "they are fresh". My husbands favourite meal.
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