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Posted 13th Oct 2020
Currently have a PS4 and buying games on sale, roughly spending about £4/month on average on games during the year and have about 20 games backlog
Now that I have a PS4, PS NOW seems to be a good deal at £50/yr or £4/month and access to around 800 games PS4, PS3 and PS2
I prefer PS NOW to PS+ as it gives access to wide selection of games immediately and not have to build up a collection via 2 games each month
I believe the Xbox version is still in beta
Google Stadia at £9/month seems double the price of PS NOW and again, only gives free games monthly
Nvidia has a subscription based gaming system, but it seems game company licencing is an issue and some are pulling out
I would consider PC gaming, but the initial cost of £800+ puts me off
Happy for any guidance?
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