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Found 18th May 2016
Is there any good offer for gas and electricity supplier.. I am with SSE Southern and want to switch to a cheaper provider.

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Depends on usage, area, etc. Willing to fix etc
Try using uswitch to compare deals
Flow Energy is saving me £73 a month instead of scottish power
You need to pop your details into one of the energy comparison websites. No one else can give you a valid switch option as we don't know what your energy consumption is like, do you have economy seven etc etc. I like the Martin Lewis one mentioned above as well, not only does it give you a guide as to exactly how much you would save with different providers, but you can also set up an email alert system so that if another provider becomes cheaper by say £50 per year they automatically let you know.
As others say, use a comparison site as with daily charges and per kwh charges, it varies on your usage and you area. As a sidenote, in my opinion, I would never go back with Scottish Power, utterly useless. Took 18 months to pay me the credit on my account after moving homes (into a new build with an already chosen diff supplier). Spent countless days on the phone to resolve. Sure there are horror stories of all providers, but always found scottish powers call centres to be useless.
I'm with Green Star energy, been pretty consistant in the last year - £36/month for two people, Scottish power really ripped me off before that (inherited from the previous tenants).
EDF I read have cheapest UK tariff. Ovo best all round provider. That's who I'm with at mo
GB energy supply saved me a fortune from btitish gas
you will get a million and one different answers here im afraid.. depending on usage, owner area, and other parameters. SSE actually have the best tarriff in the country, organised by Chris at the free postcode lottery tarriff team... first utility are a great provider... really easy to use account online and great customer service.

ive commented on these posts far too often to realise that everyone has a different opinion. its the tarriff that matters not the company (to a large extent) as each company has about 40 different products or so.. :-/ would be happy to help you out if you need.
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