Cheapest Gin in the UK?

Found 19th Sep 2007
Ive been out collecting loads of Damsons and I want to make lots of Damson gin. I am also planning on making Sloe gin later in the year, so ...

Where am I likly to find the cheapest gin? Major supermarkets? Aldi/Lidl Cash and carry?

The quality really doesnt matter as all tastes are completely masked by the Damsons/Sloes and sugar.

So far from online prices i have:

Tesco Value Gin £9.27/litre
Asda Smartprice Gin £8.82/litre
Sainsbury's Gin Basics £9.27/litre

So Asda are winning, anyone know of better deals?
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You cannot beat Asda. I did it last year.....superb result
Must go and pick some sloes soon myself, lovely stuff, supposedly best if you pick just after 1st frost (although you can pick earlier and overnight in a freezer from what I've read)...

If your buying a lot you might find a tesco code or something that will make it the best value, aldi/lidl/netto are probably worth a look but its only going to be a few pence here or there anyway...
Im in lidl tomorrow, ill have a look for you if you want.
lidl £6.75 for 70cl bottle.

I got some in to make some sloe gin
Worth considering what bottles your going to put them in also - most spirit bottles won't fit decent sized sloes in the neck, and you'll need only half a bottle of gin to make each bottle of sloe gin...
Sloe vodka is very nice too.

lidl £6.75 for 70cl bottle.I got some in to make some sloe gin

Thanks. This makes Lidl gin £9.64 pre/litre, ASDA still out in front!
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