Cheapest graphics card with TWO DVI ports to support two 22" monitors on a 300watt supply?

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Found 25th Mar 2008

I've just purchased another 22" monitor and I'm looking for cheap graphics card that can run my current 22" monitor and this new one simultaneously. Does anyone know of a cheap card that would run on a 300watt supply as I don't want to have to upgrade the supply as well.

I have a dell vostro, a 200 I think. One of the new ones. Thanks!


AGP or PCI-Express?

It looks like most of the low-end cards have VGA and DVI converters, do you not want to use a VGA-DVI converter?

This card looks like it has DVI and HDMI: novatech.co.uk/nov…450 which are two digital instead of digital and analogue. You'd need an HDMI to DVI cable though if your monitor doesn't have HDMI.

This graphics card has 2 DVI outputs, I know because I have one. It is a PCI Express card.


It is the PowerColor X1650PRO 512MB GDDR2 128Bit DVI PCI-E Graphics card.

From ebuyer it is £22.99.

The box says it works with a 300W power supply.
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