Cheapest GU10 LED lights?

    Where's the cheapest place to get GU10 LED lights from?

    I want to replace the halogen ones i've got in my kitchen and landing but don't want to be spending loads when doing it, as i need at least 10 of them.

    Thanks for any pointers.


    I have used
    They were OK and free delivery


    I bought some from B&Q last week. they were on offer like many other low enegery bulbs. came in a shrink wrapped bundle of 4 for £5. I had to buy 4 lots to do the kitchen and bathroom.

    A word of warning, the light from these things is nowhere near as bright as the usual 50W halogen. This is fine for a bathroom and gneral areas but if you are cooking and doing anything tricky you will need more light. We had to replace 2 bulbs back to the 50W variety over the prep area so we could see properly.

    I replaced my kitchen lights with LED bulbs and had to change some back to the standard bulbs.. I don't know whether it was because I bought the wrong ones but the light they gave of was awful..

    I've got two sets of four in my kitchen and the only way I could use them was to have two LED and two standard ones in each light set.. I have to say though that I have never replaced one but with the standard ones I'm changing them all the time..

    I would buy just a few and see what you think of the light they give off if I was you.. If I'd of changed all my kitchen bulbs I'd need a tourch on hand as well.. I probably bought the wrong ones though..:oops:

    don't do it!! we brought them for the hallway, terrible idea. we took them straight back.

    go to b and m i think the are 59p or 99p i used them in my kitchen and i wantes to change them for leds but can not get right watts to replace them

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    Thanks for all the comments :thumbsup:

    Think i'm going to give them a miss or just buy a few to see how they look though now.

    I assume the ones in B&Q are just the ones that only have 3 LED's thats why they aren't very bright?

    Seen some on the Net which have 18 but they are over £5 each which would add up to over £50 so isnt worth it :?

    The B&Q low energy GU10s have loads of LEDs in them, but the light they give out is like a torchlight. No way you could use them to light a room on their own - I bought a dozen, tried them out and they went straight back. Back to using 50W GU10s, just remembering to turn the lights on/off when not in a room

    Reckon its still a few years till truly usable and affordable LED lights are commonplace and available I'm afraid; there are cheap ones available based on standard white LEDs (like the ones from B&Q above) but they certainly won't have the light output or distribution of a halogen spot; then there are much more expensive version based on Luxeon and similar LEDs (these only have 1 or 3 LEDs in but each is 1-5 watt and much much brighter) - unfortunately these will set you back £20+ per bulb at the moment... (a bit cheaper for single-bulb ones at ]dealextreme).

    Give it a few of years though and undoubtedly semiconductor-based lighting will be affordable, bright and commonplace (it will replace CCFL as the energy saving standard..)
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