Cheapest HD plasma?

Found 8th Sep 2006

I know that a lot of similar threads have been posted, but none matched exactly what I was looking for, so apoogies if this annoys anyone!
Basically, I'm after the cheapest possible price for a HD ready or compatible plasma tv, at a minimum screen size of 37 inches. I'm really not too bothered about the brand.

I've done a little bit of shopping around, and the cheapest I can find is the Woolworths offer of £850 (delivered) for a 42 inch Vision.

I might just be being greedy but does anyone think that this is beatable?
Thanks in advance for any help!!!!
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Hi Clare,
Welcome to HDUK
Have a look at this thread:-
Just a word of advice Clare,

Going for the cheapest might prove to be a false economy if you end up unhappy with the set, or it fails after 6 months.
What would be better, is if you could give us a maximum budget to work with, and we'll try and find you the BEST plasma for the money?
The same piece of advice keeps coming up when buying a very expensive product like a plasma, buy a good brand, if your budget permits.

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
Original Poster

Thanks for replying - that rush hour sale link was really cool, although I can kiss goodbye to actually doing any work for the rest of the day, as I'll be clicking on it constantly to see what comes up next!

Maximum budget? Hmmm I guess I'd be happy to go up to about £1,100 - I do want to make sure I get one I'm happy with, seeing as it's a definate investment purchase!
]AV Forums is the best place to get advice on this kind of thing, but a lot of people highly rate the LG 42PC1D for under a grand.

If you can stretch a little higher, the Panasonic TH42PX60 is your best buy, but slightly over your budget at around £1,300.
EDIT: Just noticed that you can get it in ]Dixons for £1,234.05 (Using 5% Code) Delivered and 3.5% Cashback from Quidco (Final Price £1190.85). That's one hell of a TV for that money!

:pirate: CJ :pirate:
Try piximania.co.uk also through quidco.
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