Cheapest HD TV 32" + ??

    I'm looking for a HD TV at leats 32", seen the Techwood 37" at Woolies but a bit wary after reading some reviews...a good price at £499 though, any advice much appreciated!


    I was in currys (bolton)tonite they had a matsui 32" HD ready lcd for £399.99

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    Thanks I'll check it out.

    No problem, it's the MATSUI LM32HD1 32" High Definition Ready LCD TV 788846 currently listed in website as £549.99( looks like presale)

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    Thanks for the info, anyone got any views on the wollies one…688

    There have been a lot of mixed reviews on this over at avforums. I have been following this and was considering going for it just for the fact its 37" for the price of most 32" tv's.

    But due to the negitive feedback and unknown aftersales support i backed out and bought the toshiba 32WLT66 for £575 from currys. At least with this tv i know there is a huge fan base of happy users and a multitude of awards to back up its claims.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

    BTW if your not looking for a brand name TV check out the new mirai range that is coming out in january. They have far better specs than i have ever seen on a budget LCD but yet again your going with the unknown factor.

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    Thank you 1982 thats my dilemma whether to go for an 'unknown' with better spec or a 'well known' lower spec...such choices!!:?

    my advice,cycleman,would be this.
    get the best you can get according to your budget,set your budget first and research according to this price.
    I used to work in electrical retailing and i believe that the old adage of you gets what you pay for still holds true.The 'big' brands tend to be that because, as a rule, they manufacture their products with better components.
    If you should have a problem,parts are available to repair them and the companies have a reputation to uphold.
    That is not to say that a 'lessser' brand will not serve you well,but it really is worth spending a bit of time on t'internet doing some homework on them.
    What Hi Fi sound and vision mag is also worth a look,very comprehensive reviews,but don't always go on the prices they print,these are RRP and can often be sourced much cheaper.

    good luck with your hunt and have a great crimbo:santa:

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    Thanks muckypup, much appreciated good advice, merry Christmas:thumbsup:
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