Cheapest headphones - Any sub £1?

    I'm after number (24+) of cheap headphones. Preferably the older style (not in the ear) as they're going to be shared around. The only other thing is I'm looking for sets with slightly longer than normal wire length? They are to plug into PC's and the ones I have at the mo 'just' reach...

    Anyone got any bright idea's?


    Poundland / 99p Stores ?

    Original Poster

    Yeah, that was my thought, just wondering if there was somewhere online that banged them out (having said that I've not checked 7dayshop or deal extreme, so I should nip over there...)

    i recently bought an adapter from B & M that 2 sets of headphones could be plugged into...anyway i know u dont need that but in the pack was 2 sets of headphones. The were also longer length as made for 2 people sharing and i think they were £1.49. They were the wee in ear ones though.

    Have you had a look at Big Offers, I think you may find some there as they sell bankrupt stock, and they have a £1 store, its all online, I hope this is helpfull :thumbsup:
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