Cheapest Himd minidisc player AND a repair for an old one

Found 22nd Apr 2006
I have the top model of the original range (bought year and a half ago) the MZ-NH900 and it was great.
But for no reason whatsoever between a night's sleep and walking to the bus stop it has refused to turn on.... (This is tested by using all three power sources - 2 bubble gums batteries, AA's, and the power supply and even by connecting it to multiple computers.) Therefore I will need to find a repair centre for this (but according to Sony's website the closest is almost 50 miles away!!!!!!! WTF!)

Secondly as I have a fairly large collection of minidiscs now and my university work is on some of the 1GB discs I will need to buy a new player (if the repair job gets too expensive!)

All Comet and Argoes sell is the 710 model (which is crapper in features etc, i.e. worser sound quality, battery liife by half and no microphone input) for £130.

Any ideas anyone. Thanks in advance.
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Have you tried Froogle serch for MZ 1Gb Minidisc

I'd be gutted if my mini disc gave up the ghost. I wish it had become more popular as they are getting harder and harder to find. Why it never replaced the cassette I'll never know!!!
Thanks for looking 50p, but I was expecting to pay a lot less than £100 nowadays. One factor in this is if you request one used from Amazon it says that the recommended price of mine now is £69.99 (I paid £169.99 originally.)
Looking through the Argos clearence sale I saw this and thought of you, thought it was worth giving you the heads up....

Sony MZNH800 HI-MD Walkman FM/AM Tuner. Was £149.99 Now £ 74.99

Up to 27 hours playback.

G-Protection shock resistant system.


Transfer up to 45 CDs onto a 1Gb Hi-MD disc with ATRAC3plus compression technology.

Cue/review, repeat and shuffle playback.

Supports all popular digital audio compression formats ATRAC, MP3, WMA and WAV.

Includes SonicStage 2.0 software, for easy music management and unlimited transfers of your favourite tracks.

High speed data transfer from and to PC - 1 CD in less than 40 seconds.

Record from USB-in, Mic-in, Analogue-in and Digital-in.

FM/AM digital tuner.

LCD display on main unit.

Battery indicator.

Includes headphones, USB cable, rechargeable battery, AC power adaptor and carry case.

Weight 113g.

Size (H)2.9, (W)8.1, (D)7.9cm.

Thanks I also noticed the highest model of the original range there at 2/5 it's RRP, the NH1 but unfortunetly none of the stores have any near me..... (and I checked about 7 stores.....)
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