Cheapest home phone and broadband

    Whos the cheapest to go with? ive just looked at talk talk and there offering combined phone line,calls and broadband for £16.39 a month is there any others that offer a good deal?:thumbsup:


    im with talk talk, for the first 6month ABOUSULTY DREADFULL, the internet was never working. but they have seem to fixed the problem know.

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    Really? thats awful.Ive only ever been with bt but i think theres cheaper ones to go with hence why im looking!

    yeah i would not reccomdned Talktalk, last time i looke Pipex offers looked good, dont know how good they are for service, hope ive helped.

    Im with pipex at the moment, there pretty good im on the unlimited packaged but always manage to go over my bandwith in which case they limit me to about 80Kb :-( but other than that... yeah reliable only had one problem with them in the last 12 months! if you do go with them use Quidco as they offer a £40 bounty (which if you are with there cheepest package is the first 4 months for free and dont forget if you allready have a modem or router then you get an aditional month free!)

    arg i sound like a salesman for pipex!! haha

    Pipex are being taken over by Tiscali, beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roll:

    Im paying £20 for 2mb broadband and all day free land lines calls with virgin.

    Only got it installed on monday so yet to see how good or bad they are, but if im able to get a starview up and running it will be well worth it.

    Im with Utility Warehouse for broadband, phone, gas and electric, my bills hve definately come down since changing over and Ive had no problems at all.

    I have been with Talk Talk for about 3 years now.

    No major problems. Recently upgraded to 8mb Broadband + phone (including International calls) (free phone in UK anytime). All for £20 a month.

    Broadband is ADSL but good. I have no major complaints. I get speeds of up to 6.5mb normally.

    Have a look at plusnet they have a reliable service and your line rental is included in the price and they topped the u switch survey been with them a while now and never had any problems;-)

    not sure if this helps or is what your after and a bit of a story

    a friend has a knock at the door , there a lady about 22 yrs old with a white see through blouise selling broadband/phone deals , my friend does no more than ask her to shut up say to her that that sales pitch must give her a sore throut so does she want a cut of tea ? so sure enough it ends with her eatting cake and a tea ,,,,, ok to the point
    she was offering an internet / sky / free home calls deal ,,,, she said as he had been a nice guy with the cake etc then she would let onto a secret , phone up sky direct and the same deals cheaper but then if he knows a car phonewearhouse then they do the package for 15 quid a month

    free weekend calls ( you have to sign the phone over to them though )

    basic sky package ( fitting cost veried , can be done for free but expect to pay 25 -40 quid , watch for sales )

    broadband upto the 1meg

    also do yourself a favour and look at tiscalis home page , in there there is a link to check out the potential speed that your broadband can take , i live in a village in the middle of no-where so sure enough i was paying for 8 but can only recieve a maximum of 1.3

    perhaps i should have started a thread off with this
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