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Found 16th Mar 2011
Currently with BT for phone and BeThere for broadband..... and been meaning to call and get BT to match the O2 home phone price of £7.50pm (Like many others have)

Ring and told.."the bet we can do is £9.99pm or £23 with a capped broadband" Erm... thats more than I'm paying now......"yes..... if you'd like to cancel... we've tied you into a rolling contract for free calls at the weekend".... Erm I dont make any calls.

Anyway, this biddy was adamant I was tied to a contract and would have to pay the remainder to be allowed to leave. I know I even spoke to them about this and was told there was no contract, so regardless of anything, BT is soon to be history.

I would have jumped to O2, but they now only take new customers with broadband... and they are charging more than Im currently paying BT with a 70GB cap (Currently there is no cap... just how I like it!)

BT charge me £12.66 (I think) per month but as I said, I make zero calls each month (with 6 mobile contracts in the house giving 2300 minutes - calls are really not needed!)

I hate Virgin, so they arent an option

What other options are recommended to take this away from BT?

Funnily, they have just pulled the same stunt with my Dad - and it was me that spoke with them back in May last year when they "renewed" the free call thing. He's just been told the same thing. I didnt realise BT were now on the "lie through your teeth" boat!



70GB cap, not a lot a pron a month with allowance.

was going to say talk talk buy think they have 40/80GB per month.
Sky possibly
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70GB cap, not a lot a pron a month with allowance.

Agreed.... which is why I wont be going to O2.

Whats even more daft, is that O2 want to charge more than I currently pay BeThere (with no cap at all) and BT (which is £5pm more O2 charge - plus there is allegedly a £5 discount thrown in for being an O2 mobile customer! WTF!!!!)



Sky charge the same amount I think as BT do. (I think!)

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Hi Guv,

BT have really gone down hill and now appear to resort to dirty tactics to keep their customers. You are not alone.

Forgot to mention you could try TALKTALK with their Plus service.

Phone line rental £12.39pm (free extras which you probably wont need).
Internet £7.49pm (half price) Unlimited.

My advice is speak with a call representative to ascertain if the product is right for you. If it is, then go via quidco and order online.
There is £24 cashback (ok so its not guaranteed).
Also when ordering online there is free connection, which apparently is £29.99

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money saving expert

Thanks for that.... I'm sure I used to use Primus as a third party carrier for overseas calls!


Hi Guv, BT have really gone down hill and now appear to resort to dirty … Hi Guv, BT have really gone down hill and now appear to resort to dirty tactics to keep their customers. You are not alone.

I've seen others say that too. It wasnt until the last two weeks ive seen it first hand. I'm normally very good and patient on the phone and manage to wind them down and get pretty much what I aim for, but this biddy got right on my nerves and I eventually told her to plss off and hung up on her. I never ever do that, but she annoyed the hell out of me by being wilfully unhelpful.

What is more infuriating with BT is that their different departments don't communicate. So you can tell the UK call centre you and confirm that you are not in a 12 month contract, only to then have an overseas call centre slyly put you on one. Cant believe its allowed to happen. What happened to good old BT.

I hope at some time in the near future a new phone provider with good service comes to the market.
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you know if you listened to the advisor, and read the leaflets in your bill, or emails if you do online billing, or your confirmation letters, its all confirmed in there.

BT will not price match
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