Cheapest instore price for PS3 Guitar hero game with guitar?

Hi guys,
Been round a friends house tonight and been playing guitar hero 3 legends of rock and absolutely loved it. As its pay day tommorow was hoping to go and buy the game and guitar, dont mind which version of the game it is as ive heard the new one is good as well but idealy dont want to be paying more than £40. Does anyone know where is best instore price? ive seen people talking about morrisons but our closest store is 25 miles away and was hoping to get it somewhere closer. I also have a wii console but i beleve its going to be better on the PS3, is this right?
Cheers for your help fellow bargain hunters


hmv have had it for £35 a few times recently phone them as offer wasnt online last time i was in 1 around 4 weeks ago offer was on and they had loads of them (lor version )

saw stacks of 'em in hmv metrocentre newcastle yesterday for £35

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Thanks guys, just phoned my local hmv and they are out of stock for the PS3 but have the Wii game and guitar in for £35, does anyone know if it is alot better on the PS3 and should I try and wait and get it for the ps3 instead?

i had it for ps3 not my type of game to be honest so i sold it ,at least you know the deals still going dont you have a relative that could pick one up for you in another town

Any particular reason you want it in store? Shopto.net have GH:Aerosmith for £32 if you use the £1 voucher on here and you should get it next day.

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Thanks for all your help guys, I live in southampton and didnt have it in our store but decided to take a trip to the dark side and got in HMV portsmouth on PS3, only reason i wanted it today is because I had day off work and got paid, so decided to have a gaming day. My wrist is really hurting now and only been playing for 3 hours!!! Thanks again
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