Cheapest Jean paul Gaultier 125ml EDT please

    Anyone know where I can get this at a reasonable price?
    I was in Belgium recently and they had it for 58 euro in a small gift set, only problem you are not allowed more than 100ml of liquid in hand luggage, so I could not bring it back with me

    Thanks for your time,



    I may sell a 75ml? ive used it a couple times(if your intrested)

    Original Poster

    I am interested just need to know what your price would be all in?



    u offer me please, not 100% sure if im selling it, not sure if my dad wants it!

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    well cheapest I have found a new 75ml for is £25 so would you accept £15 inc postage?


    was really hoping for about 23 delievered, its like 2 weeks old just tried to test (from switzerland duty free)

    u intrested? £23 delievered tomorow

    125ml was £28 on here recently, sold out at moment but it might be back

    This looks ok deal for 125ml giftset at the moment…tml

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    cheers mate, ill keep an eye out for it if and when it comes on offer again

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