Cheapest Landline Phone Line Rental

    My brother is about to start up a business and is looking for the cheapest landline rental out there - he's not bothered about call charges since 99% of the calls will be incoming and he can use his mobile for outgoing.

    Any ideas guys and gals?



    I`ve seen tesco are doing some good ofers for land line £4.99 + you can collect tesco clubcards points.
    Not sure how good they are mind. Worth a look though. :roll:

    Have you tried First Telecom: Business Rates You can also earn £10.50p cashback if you sign up through your QuidCo.Com account.

    How many lines does he want? What kind of business is it i.e. how professional is it? Is it VAT registered?…asp do a business line for £13.50 per month.

    Check out BT Business's featureline which come with free installation and gives you advanced features like external call transfer which is great for a business

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    Hi, Thanks for your replies. My brother is setting up a one man band plumbing service so only he will be the employee. Chances are he wont need to make any outgoing calls - so the line would be just for incommming calls.

    I looked at the tesco line rental, looked great but you still need to pay BT the line rental + tesco charge so its not as good as I thought.

    All he wants is a phone line with hardly any rental - call prices can be whatever as he's not going to do outgoing calls.


    Hi there,

    We are a BT wholesale partner so we can supply standard BT business lines for £12.50+VAT per month instead of BT's standard £13.72+VAT. Residnetial lines can be supplied for £11.50 per month.

    You will also get low call costs on the minimal outgoing calls.

    BT's standard installation cost would apply.

    PM me if this is of interest or need other info.


    There are 3 basic options: a regular land line, a cable line or an internet line.

    A standard BT residential line costs £10.50 per month. But there is a £74.99 installation fee if you've never had a phone line in your home before. offers a landline for £9.75 per month.
    Homecall are offering a landline for £9.99 but it's backed by Phones4u.
    Finally you could try the Post Office who are offering a landline for £9.95 per month.
    Bear in mind that unless you already have a landline (or there is one installed, whether connected or not), you'll probably have to ask BT to install it.

    There are two options here (and technically, the companies are merging, so only 1 real option!).
    NTL costs £12.50 per month, including unlimited local calls evenings and weekends, but the first 3 months are free.
    Telewest is offering phone services for £10.50 per month with a £25 installation fee. It's free installation until 31st Oct if you pick a more expensive tariff.

    Plenty of providers offer this. Think of Skype, Google Chat, etc. Just google the word VOIP. A VoIP line costs £9.99 from Vonage, who are a big American provider, but you will need your computer on 24/7 (it routes voice calls through the interweb).

    Oh, also try [url][/url] for their landline cost calculator.
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