Cheapest Laptop/Netbook Please

Found 28th Nov 2010
I'm after a cheap laptop/netbook for my children to use for their school homework which is now online. Needs to be fairly fast as they'll be playing online maths games against other kids, otherwise don't mind the spec or brand. Got a top budget of £200 so I know it's a pretty big ask. I don't mind if it's next to no memory as I have externals. If anyone could find a desktop I'd also consider that and could go up a bit more in price. Any help very much appreciated.
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very much doubt you'd need a "fast" computer for online maths games.

fast is needed (plus fast web too) for online graphic intensive games like 3d stuff.

some of the supermarket laptops are available for around £250 or so, that may be what you need but really you'll have to do a bit of research yourself to see what is most reliable or has the best battery etc etc.
If you do decide on a desktop, you could do a lot worse than a basic Vostro from Dell for £240 delivered...


Comes with a basic version of Office and 15 months av. (An extra £20 for a bit more RAM might be worthwhile).

Thanks guys Found a compaq in tesco for £219
rosenauk could you tell me what you picked up for £219? cheers
erm, nope lol I wrapped it already, I'll try and find the link online.
I'm not so great on the techno stuff sorry, It has windows 7 and the office starter pack, 250GB and 1GB memory. They don't have the cheaper ones online to link to I'm afraid - Ohh and it's black lol
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