Cheapest LG 37LH3000 that Comet will price match?

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Found 21st Jan 2010
Comet list this at £549 but the general price seems to be around £450. I have a way of getting 10% discount from Comet...so if I can get them price match to something around there then I can get a great deal on this TV.

The Comet I would be collecting from is located in SK1 2HJ if that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated with this, never tried price matching before.

Edit: Just refreshed the page and it was down to £529. Are they reading?!


you can get an LG7700 LCD with built in Freesat for £550 at Argos ,

the one you are looking at is £449 at Dixons dixons.co.uk/pro…gle

In terms of price matching, dont back down, remind them that you are going to spend alot of money and you can always walk away from the sale at any point if you want to

unlikely they will price match an online site like Dixons, remember there are no Dixons STORES you can collect the TV from.

and no offence to Richard S, but a single sale of £500 or so is about 8% margin on a TV.
they'll let you walk. its not 'a lot of money' to a store that takes thousands every day.
it may well be to you.

comet will automatically want to sell you Monster cables and power surge protectors, aswell as their new re-vamped warranty services.
its the only thing they make money on and they just announced that they are down on like for like sales.

huge superstores like Comet don't make much profit on the TV or PC itself, its on the add-ons.

haggling is a good idea but you have to give them something to work with.
if you're JUST after a TV on its own with no add-ons or extended warranty, they ain't gonna be lookin to haggle back with you.

Original Poster

Thank you both, I have left rep for you.

Maybe price matching isn't the best idea then...the link Richard gave to Dixons also gives a code for an extra 5%...with 3% cashback too that's nearly as good as the 10% discount with messing around with price matching.

Think I may just go down that route instead. If only Richer Sounds had it in stock!
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