Cheapest Means Of Buying Antimalarial Tablets.

    Can anyone suggest the cheapest way of buying these. I need to get 4 boxes of Avlocor+ Paludrine (enough for 4 people) for our 2 week hol.
    I know sometimes online pharmacys have % off if you spend over a certain amount. Grateful for any advice to save me a few pennies,:thumbsup: as it soon adds up!


    Hi, try this place [url][/url]

    My friend recently used them to supply a 2 week holiday in Goa, came to just over £12 and the tablets were delivered within 2 days.

    Seems a good deal, I'm sure the last time I bought these tablets around 10 years ago they cost me £30 from a high street chemist.

    Mike. :thumbsup:

    PS: This is a direct link to the tabs:…age

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    Cheers Mike!
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