Cheapest Method of getting to Europe from South East England!

    Looking for the cheapest way of getting me and my family in our car from England (South East) to europe for a drive to Scandinavia. Leaving late on 20th March or early 21st March and returning three and a half weeks later. Best quote was from Norfolk line which was £33 but when I returned to book the price had increased substantially to over a hundred pounds!


    SpeedFerries [url][/url]

    SpeedFerries [url][/url]

    Also Norfolk Line Ooops ! Sorry.

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    P&O over a well over a hundred quid and Speedferries do not have bookings for my journey days! Spoke to Norkfolkline and it appears that I must have put the wrong date/info in to get it to £33!

    Unfortunately as that is Easter weekend and only a fortnight away, those are as cheap as you will get! Speedferries and Norfolkline are the cheapest by far! Try Sea France but again I think the fare will be over £100! I've just had a look at Eurotunnel and they are either sold out or £150 one way!
    Personally I would say Norfolk Line will be the cheapest!

    surely the absolute cheapest way would be to walk/swim?
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