Cheapest Microsoft Office 2016

    Does anyone know the cheapest place to get Office 2016 for Windows?


    check ur workplace some do an offer for it through works for 9.95

    If you have an outlook account you have access to the online version of Word, Excel, Powepoint etc.

    Free alternatives - libre office/open office are just as good.

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    Thanks for the answers - I need to have office 2016 business as need it for work and need about 15/16 licences, just trying to find out cheapest prices. Seem some online, but not sure if they are fake or not.


    got it off ebay for about £15 last year/6 months ago
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    Will these work?


    danandrews80 these work?

    yep probably but have a look who is selling & go by their selling numbers rather than save yourself a pound or two

    Since you are buying for business I would suggest buying from a proper software licence dealer. Just having a working licence key does not mean you have brought the licence properly. You need the proper certificate to go along with it. There is no way you can pay £15 for something worth £300 and expect it to be legit. If it was legit the seller would ask for more money. A business should budget properly for software if it needs it or look for cheaper or free alternatives.

    On the other hand if your business comes under one of the discountable types (charities, educational and a few other types) you can legally get large discounts (about 75% off) from a proper licence seller.
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