Posted 6 December 2022

Cheapest Microsoft office to buy


does anybody have a link to the cheapest Microsoft office software ?

just looking to use on my windows computer. Don’t favor the subscription-based models.

if there is a version which I can also install on my mac, that would be great.

so just 2 users in total, over 2 different operating systems

thank you !
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    You're welcome.
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    Thanks but that’s not Microsoft office. I use google docs but wanted official office. Thanks 
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    FWIW OP I had some issues ordering from Pixelcodes who are cheapest (Can't remember why, possibly overly intrusive verification) and ended up going with the second on the list which was fine.
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    Won't post a link here as not sure what the rules are...I grabbed one the other day (Office 2021 Pro) for about £3 all in from a place called Keyesd. Worked completely fine, have to do a big of jiggery pokery for the activiation but it's easy enough.
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    £3 that’s amazing. So if I go to Keyesd and order a cheaper Microsoft office software for pc, just follow the instructions and I am good to go? Am I missing anything? Not very techie *
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    Plus one for allkeyshop. Gamers outlet. Office 2019 a few quid. Phone activation. You don't talk to anyone. Just input done numerical codes. (edited)
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    whatever people say
    techyescity called microsoft and all fine!'s avatar
    Yeah, and the welcomer at Asda knows all about legalities too!
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    I've said it many times before, improve your Google skills a little, and you can get it for free!

    These keys are all illegal copies, so exactly the same status as a free activation method. At least that way you're not paying someone for stolen goods (edited)
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    surely they can't sell illegal software?
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