Cheapest mince pies you've found in the sales so far?

Posted 27th Dec 2022
Mince pie bargain buys.
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    19p for a pack of 6 in Asda today. Looks like they quite a few to shift
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    60p in Morrison. Iced top ones and normal
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    10p M and S
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    49169329-2Yfga.jpg7p Morrisons (edited)
    Look out Morrisons coming to you tomorrow lol!
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    It is far cheaper and hugely better to make them yourself. It isn't difficult
    No one got time for that
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    i thought the mince pies would be on sale today but they were still full price at my sainsburys. don't know about tesco but their regular one was £1, which I bought before christmas but haven't yet tried it.
    Yep the cheapest i saw today was £1 also.
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    37p for 6 Mr Kipling at the company shop
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    I remember years and years ago buying Tesco value (their original white boxes) 18 pack after Xmas for 18p. Them days are long gone, don't even know if you can buy 18 packs now?
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    None, can't abide them
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    Both my local Sainsbury's and Waitrose had very little stock left before Christmas. Stores are getting smarter about ordering.
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