Cheapest mobile contract for texting

    I'm on the lookout for a good deal for my daughter who's currently on Virgin PAYG. She texts a lot so am looking for over 200 texts a month, but doesn't really make calls and is happy with her handset. Has anyone seen a decent sim only deal (would consider something that includes a phone)?


    T mobile sim only deal?

    * 350 minutes
    * Unlimited texts
    * Just £15/month

    orange do 1 month contracts sim only £15 unlimited texts and so many mins free


    Three network, choice of 3 sony erricson phones, unlimted texts (capped at 3000 per month) and 75 voice minutes. unlimited skype to skype calls for £10 per month…120

    Oh includes choice of free phone

    Oh and dont forget this voucher for £20 worth of free accesories…he/


    I'm not sure of the exact details but 02 and Vodafone usually have good deals on unlimited text packages with just SIM only. Might be a contract though rather than PAYG so she wouldn't be able to set it up herself if she's under 18.

    O2 on-line ( used to be Genie ). £10 credit and you get 300 txt msgs for the next month. If you don't call often you do not use your credit up and it buildsup. No top up for a month or two is no problem either as you just use up the credit on your phone.

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    Thanks for all your input - it's much appreciated. I'll have a look at your suggestions now :o)
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