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Found 2nd Apr 2007

I am thinking of getting a new mobile on contract with O2. The mobile phone is worth about £350. O2 quotes £7.99 for insurance for each month and cover till I cancel my insurance. Is that a good deal ?

Could anyone tell me whats the best and cheapest place to get insurance cover for a new mobile phone. (loss, theft damage etc).
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The mobile I would like to insure is the N93. Hope someone can give me advice.
isnt it covered under house insurance
What bank are you with I get mine free through lloyds tsb cos of my bank account.

Thank you for your replies. I do not have cover for my house as I am renting. I just want to insure my mobile with a good company so that I can get hassel free claim IF my mobile get stolen, lost or damaged. I do not have a lloyds bank account. But I do have an HSBC and Abbey account.

O2 is offering me £7.99 for the insurance but many people say they arnt that great.
Was wondering if there are anyother good reliable cheap insurance firms to insure my mobile. (n93i)

does anyone know about ]http//ww…uk/ ? if they are good
You dont have any insurance as you are renting?

Sounds fine if you dont have any belongings at all but I would seriously have a look round & check out what in the house belongs to you & how much it would cost to replace if it all goes up in smoke.

Clothes can cost a couple of thousand on their own before you start thinking about your telly / radio / mp3 player ect ect.

It might not cost much more to insure all your belongings (including the phone) than the £7.99 you have been quoted for the phone alone.

Could work out very cheap if you go through Quidco !
Thank you for your reply. I live in a flat and I think the building is insured. As mentioned non of my goods are insured. So good point. Do you know any good insurance place to insure the household items.

I wanted to insure the mobile as in today many mobiles are stolen outside the home. For that reason I was thinking of insureing my mobile. Would like some suggestions for that as well.
Most insurance companies will insure the mobile as part of a contents policy.

Go onto one of the insurance price comparison websites & get a few quotes then have a look & see how much you might get back through Quidco.

Have a look here hotukdeals.com/for…nce

I'm ex-forces & I saw no end of guys who thought they didnt have enough gear to bother with insuring it only to realise how much their assets were really worth to them when they were posted to Cyprus & their kit went to Godonlyknowswhere.

I actually has a packing case (MFO box) lost for 2 years before it found me - Luckily I was insured & got a wodge of money for my lost kit & had the bonus of it turning up out of the blue after a couple of years.

Also taught me how quickly things go out of fashion :prop:

Trust me mate - get insured.

I have checked few insurance companies now and prudence have given me the best offer to insure my contents in my house. Have anyone insured with them ?

Any recomendation of other insurance compainies I should check ?
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