Cheapest MP3 players?

    I am needing a new MP3 player and thought of you guys and gals here at HUKD's and thought if you could point me in the right diretion for a 2GB MP3 player.

    Cheap as possible please.


    Rep as always will be given.


    Hi, have a few mp3 players now.. but only really need them for music.. if you are in the same mind, then check out , PLAY.COM, they have there own brand , its 4gb, and cost £18 free post. it as a screen, runs from a , AAA. batt, normal or a re-chargerable type, ok. its light, and is a drag and drop type, easy to use., no radio through. check it out. got mine on sat.. and its all loaded up already.. mart

    As stated above, is a good place to look.
    I have this one, can't really go wrong for £18.…nre

    Shame they are out of stock again at the min.. but you can pre-order it. mart

    I got my Philips MP3 Player from Tesco for £29.99 it's not the cheapest or the biggest but I swear by it.

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    How many GB is your Philips?

    I have a 1gb Zen Stone which I bought for Amazon for about £18 last year, and cannot speak highly enough of it. It doesn't have any bells or whistles, if you need a display screen, speakers, radio etc you can go for the Zen Stone Plus for an extra £10 or so, but mine is great for just using on a day to day basis.

    mine is only a 1gb which is why I thought it might be too small for you but for battery, screen etc it's really good and it plays videos pretty well.

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    Okay, thanks for your input anyway

    Samsung ones are pretty good too (had a 1gb one till my brother decided to drop it in a mug of tea... don't ask)…StA (have not used this retailer tho)

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    And how old was your brother?


    And how old was your brother?

    5 so can't really blame him. It was the look of joy on his face, countered by my look of abject horror, just before he did it, that sticks in my mind. The git :w00t:

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    Dont like to go for refurbs. Great find tho!

    I'm not a fan of refurbs myself, but the brother can vouch for Creative, I'm sure others on here may.

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    Yeh, Creative are a good make, its just that its refurbished.

    Sorry, I meant that my brother has bought a refurb mp3 from the official creative site and has never had a problem with it. lol I sound like I'm trying to talk you into it now!

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    No, not at all, i'm only interested just now. But if there was any decent deals I would get one
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