cheapest Network deal for ntl

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Found 16th May 2007
Hi guys

Just got the deal on the dell computer

Whats the cheapest way to network one computer to the other computer?
Both have no wifi.

I am in swansea using ntl

Thanks in advance


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As long as you are using a separate cable modem you can pick up a cheap router on Ebuyer such as this belkin ]http//ww…540 and use £10 off google checkout

or for about the same price get this one ]http//ww…827 which has wifi aswell just incase you need it in the future

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How do i link the two computers up thou using this ? i know one goes via cable to the router but how do i link it to the one up stairs.

sorry but im new to all this


it will come with shortish cables if you have a pc upstairs you want to either but a very long Cat5 patch cable also found on ebuyer or buy a PCI wireless network card its pretty straight forward
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