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Found 14th Nov 2007
Hello! Can anyone point me in the direction of the cheapest Nintendo Wii?

Thank you!
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you'll be lucky to get one for rrp letalone cheaper this side of christmas tbh.

if you want one now then i guess ebay is your best bet because they go for about £280 on there.

if you want one for rrp then just keep checking this site and [url]www.wii-consoles.co.uk[/url] and youll know when they are in stock somewhere.
Will the demand go down in january?
its not a question wether demand goes down, itll be a question of wether supply goes up.

and hopefully, but then again, we'd of thought theyd be easy to get last january as well.
Lots of people are buying them from amazon in Germany or France. Delivery seems to be about 4 days and you just need to buy a travel plug.
People are saying that Amazon.de are blocking UK orders now

People are saying that Amazon.de are blocking UK orders now

I heard that too.

CeXare selling them at £280 second hand w/o game - very exp..
Give Argos a ring tomorrow morning at 8am. I rang at 8:10 this morning and have got one for 179.99 to be delivered on Friday. My friend rang an hour later and they had sold out, but he was advised to ring at 8am tomorrow when their stocks are updated. Good luck! Don't pay above the RRP!
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