Cheapest Nokia 6300?

    I've had my eye on this for a while but the cheapest I've seen it on Orange Pay As You Go is £89.

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get it cheaper?

    Thanx in advance!

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    the cheapest i could find sofar
    £74.95 on T-mobile
    Plus 2.5% quidco
    free delivery too

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    Is it locked to T-mobile?
    I'm willing to to take the 6300 on another network just so long as it is unlocked for my Orange Sim.

    They're £59.95 + £10 top-up at Carphonewarehouse on 02 but they do come unlocked so you can use another SIM. Save £5 by going through Quidco.

    Mine arrived today from Carphone warehouse

    £59.99 + £10.00 airtime and even remembered to Quidco so I am a happy bunny!!

    Phone is great to:santa:

    any cheaper red 6300 deals? found on phones4u £79.95 subject to £10 airtime 02 or orange.

    i have a contract phone but need to get this for my OH who uses PAYG sim since aeons ago and will not switch.
    a) i'm not sure what £10 airtime means ... does that mean phone + £10 = £89.95 or is this included already totalling £79.95?
    b) is this a sim free phone, ie can a current working sim card be used on it?

    any help comment would be appreciated, thanks.

    Yeah whats the cheapest?

    yinujim - as posted on this thread, the cheapest is £59.95 from Carphone Warehouse.

    Carphone warehouse is the cheapeast.

    Anyone know if their 02 sim comes with the 300 free texts for a tenner (I have some lying around if dont).

    Infact I have the one which came from there infront of me but it had no documentation with it

    /is using contract sim in phone till it runs out.

    ruddy good phone also

    i have the silver black one which came free as an upgrade for 02 contract £15 per month for 400 mins/100 txt. because my OH wanted a slightly different one i had to get the red edition of the 6300. Whilst I did check out the different fascias you can buy online ... I finally bought it from Phones4U at £89.95 unlocked, includes the Orange SIM which I didnt want but apparently I had to buy it as part of the deal - grrr. The O2 version apparently is locked.

    i also found the silver black one is cheapest at CarphoneWarehouse ...

    Might be worth shopping around in jan sales?
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