cheapest nokia n770 brand new only

hi, i know theres been a lot of deals for this internet tablet pc but most places have sold out the only place which still has them is mobile fun and there not cheap. if anyone knows a better place it will be a great help. cheers


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i dont think this is a phone. i think the nokia n770 is an internet tablet. best ive seen is about £90 from links on this forum.

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yeh i no that is the price but looking for anything cheaper

[SIZE=2]took a look at handtec for you, but unfortunately they are also out of stock. [/SIZE]

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yeh thats what i mean ill wait till today if someone finds it cheaper if not ill order it from mobile fun.

Thought I'd bump this as I am also on the lookout, checked expansy/handtec/play/mobilefun

all sold out! Tempted to get the one from amazon with navikit for £150, though I have no use for the navikit, any idea how much the resale value on the navikit alone is?
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