Cheapest online 5800 unlocking for T-Mobile?

    Just trying to scour the net to find the cheapest reliable place for unlock code for this phone. Ebay has a few, but not really wanting to send my phone to them etc.
    Has anyone paid t-mobile to unlock theirs before? & how much did it cost? cheapest i could find for unlock code was…htm , seems legit. Would prefer to unlock it from home via data cable, but dont think thats possible yet?
    Thanks for any info!


    I think you could well be better off taking it into town and getting the mobile phone store to unlock it for approx £10/15.
    If the mrs gets on with hers thats what i will do.

    Original Poster

    Yeah looks like the best option, thanks


    tmobile charge £15 after 3 months or n £20 staright away,just ring them up a few time to get this depends on luck,you probably can get a code and get tit chepaer of the net .
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