Cheapest option for porting number out of network, then back in?

Found 1st Aug 2017

I'm about to end a Vodafone contract, but take another out. I need to keep my number so as I understand it I need to port out of Vodafone to another network, and then back in to Vodafone.

What's the cheapest option for this? I was thinking of activating a PAYG giffgaff sim for £5.

I think this is something quite a few people are doing from reading around on the sim only threads, so just wondered if there's a better way I don't know of.

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Get a 3 sim from their website or local supermarket. No need to top up,did it myself a couple of months ago.
Though you'll be classed as a returning customer, not a new customer.

And likely not entitled to the offers advertised
I used giffgaff when I did similar. May not be the cheapest but was hassle free - all contact over the internet.
I was in the same situation last year, i was on a vodafone contract that ended and had taken a new one with vodafone but wanted to keep the number from the first contract. When I spoke with customer services they said all I had to do was convert my orignal number to PAYG with vodafone for 30 days and I could then apply this number to the new contract. If you are able to wait for around 30 days this may be an easier option
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