Posted 20th Aug 2022
I need a vpn to be able to watch hbo max..
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    Posted many times before using FastestVPN which probably isn't, but one-off circa £13.70 provides lifetime sub of 15 simultaneous VPN connections where any one or all of those 15 simultaneous logins can be routers feeding multiple downstream devices.
    Torrent-friendly, adblock, etc will be fine for most non-anti-society uses unless your name is J.
    Offer at…eal less 17% discount code special2020

    The FastestVPN service specifically claims to unblock HBO Max (but obvsly consider using the special discount option mentioned in above paragraph if deciding to buy)…vpn
    Hi thanks for reply
    do u know if they have brazil
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    I really like Windscribe. You get 10GB of data per month for free, an extra 5GB for including them in a one off tweet and 1GB for anyone you refer. There’s a huge choice of locations.

    proton is very good too, also free with a reduced amount of locations but it does have US included.
    I need something with brazil on it, my hbo max only works with brazil vpn

    Not sure 10gb of data a month would be enough to watch serie (edited)
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    Unless you are paying for the subscription, why not find somewhere that has it available for download / watching?
    Bee Tv is good
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