Cheapest panasonic TZ3

    Cheapest price I have seen is from Camerabox for 234.99 GBP.
    Jessops and Tecno doesn't list them yet and of course the usual gray imports on ebay which I don't like that much re warranty.




    Costco have the silver model for £211 (84363)



    HiCostco have the silver model for £211 (84363)B

    yeah. i noticed the silver model seems to be going alittle less in price also but failed to mention it. Seems to be more of an interest in the blue & black model. Only reason I can think of the slight price difference. Didnt see the silver model that cheap though (nice find bomberman) . I was only after the black or blue one myself and couldnt wait for stock to come from camerabox so paid alittle extra from ukdigital for an in stock black version. Fingers cross i will get it tomorrow


    Can you provide some honest feedback on the unit as i'm looking at getting one pretty soon. I've read loads of reviews and they all say how good the unit is for a compact.

    Found this site however have never used them, has anyone here? The camera is £156.99 plus delivery. You may get stung for the VAT/DUTY as this site is outside the UK.




    Sure will do bomberman. Think it came today special delivery but i was at work. From all the reviews i've read this really does look the camera. I don't want a Canon branded one - my pref! I previously had the ultra slim Casio Exilim S550 which was good but the other Exilims now are far too point and shoot for me. I wanted something better. Hopefully the Panasonic will be nearlly a pocketable as the Exilims are!

    If you don't get charge VAT then that really is an amazing price from digitalrev! Otherwise the cost will be fairly simular from a rough look at the total price with shipping and VAT estimate. Depends i guess then if saving is worth the trouble with any possible return and maybe a foreign lang manual etc. Something to look into. I won't look any further though for fear i'll cry as i already order my camera elsewhere as you know lol.

    Did you receive it flashpanther, whats it like? Am considering ordering from these people but never heard of them before


    Did you receive it flashpanther, whats it like? Am considering ordering … Did you receive it flashpanther, whats it like? Am considering ordering from these people but never heard of them before

    Yeah I got it. Not had much time to play around with it so far but so far so good. Not a bad size. Not too small for fumbling around trying to hold and then drop like my last one. Still defintely small enough for a pocket. Camera struggle to focus to close objects a couple metres away when at full 10x zoom but thats prob just me.

    The extra years guarantee UKdigital offer has a small admin charge if you ever have to use it (under ten pounds) the documents state - thought worth telling you.

    I'm impressed so far and real test will be using it on a day out I guess.

    Definetely think i made right choice so far anyway.

    Hope it helps in your decision anyway [COLOR="Indigo"]DealMeIn[/COLOR] & [COLOR="DarkRed"]bomberman[/COLOR] .

    PS. UKdigital packaging was good with special delivery.


    Thanks for the info. Hopefully the stock will arrive tomorrow so I may order one, I may even order a kit as there is no memory card provided.


    Sounds cool, thanks alot for the info flashpanther, think i will do the same as bomberman and see if there is stock in tmrw, cheers :thumbsup:

    I wouldnt get the package deal myself. I think its cheaper shopping around for your own 2gb/1gb SD card and camera case if needed.

    Out of stock now - again? Damn, they are selling like hot cakes at moment!
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