Posted 28th Nov 2022
Currently on three and they pushed the price per minute on payg to 35p. Can someone suggest a cheaper alternative?

I just want a pay as u go no contracts
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    Whilst you don't want a contract, why not look at the Lebara deals? I believe there is one at the moment for about £3.18 per month with 21gb and u/l mins & texts. At your rates that would pay for itself within 9 mins of use (edited)
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    3 really trying to push people onto SIM contracts - I'm sure they're not the only ones.

    1pMobile is great for me - everything is 1p but you do have to make sure you top up £10 every 4 months otherwise it gets disconnected.

    I have heard people also recommend RWG Mobile.

    There's also ASDA Mobile.
    Oh thanks, I will look into those!
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    Rwg mobile. Got it for my son. 15 pounds one off gives you 750mb per .month data and 100 text and 100 mins. No top up needed every six months unlike Asda. And you keep the 15 quid credit!

    I put a discussion up on it. Tried to do a deal. But they said no. (edited)
    Oh this sounds like an interesting deal thanks.
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    search on ebay for 02 classic sim, its their original 312 sim same as Three used to be, you cant get it direct but they are plenty sellers out there.
    How much is it per min?
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    I would just get a Lebara SIM which is a silly price for unlimited calls and texts. I'm on 1p month but currently there is a 5p a month deal. You can cancel anytime
    What? 1p a month with unlimited mins n texts? Ru serious? This cant be right surely
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    Lebara or Lyca are cheap as chips. I was on Lebara but Vodaphone signal is really bad for me and i couldn't receive calls or texts from three, switched to Lyca for 5p a month for 6 months. 5gb data and unlimited text calls.
    Best place to get these sims from?
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    If you want a Lebara deal try looking on the mse website that's where you'll find the best discounts.…ra/ (edited)
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