Cheapest Pay as you go!!

Found 1st Aug 2006

I need the cheapest pay as you go phone that will take an 02 simcard!! QUICK!

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NEC 343i (Refurb) - £34.99 with £3.50 QuidCo cashback at o2. The o2 shop was offline at time of writing so I cannot provide direct link. [url]www.quidco.com/o2[/url]

The Nokia 3220 is at Dial-a-Phone for £49.99 when you buy £10 airtime. dialaphonepp.co.uk/pp_…63C

Shouldn't be too difficult to unlock the Nokia 1101 easyMobile phone yourself to be honest. I don't know how easy though because I don't know easyMobile.

Head over to nokiafree.org/forums and ask if they know if you can unlock a Nokia 1101 on easyMobile.
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